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  • Chase Laudenslager, WCBD

Dr. Annie Andrews launches PAC focused on protecting children

Pediatrician and former SC-01 candidate Annie Andrews (D) has launched a Political Action Committee (PAC) focused on building a better future for the nation’s children.

“Their Future. Our Vote.” aims to center political conversations and policymaking around improving the world for future generations. The organization’s mission statement is “to educate leaders and lawmakers on policies that will create a brighter, healthier, and more equitable future for our children.”

The main issues include climate action, quality education, accessible healthcare, sensible gun legislation, reducing child hunger and poverty, and protecting voting rights.

Andrews based her congressional run on a similar platform, saying that her “duty as a pediatrician and mother was to advocate for children and their families.” After losing that race to Republican Nancy Mace, Andrews sought another means to further her goal and began working on the PAC.

Renee Harvey, who served as the Finance Director for the Andrews campaign, now serves as Executive Director and co-founder of “Their Future. Our Vote.”

The all-female board is made up of doctors, politicians, and veterans of the non-profit sector.


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