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Executive Director & Co-founder

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Renee Harvey is a passionate advocate for her community. She is a proud daughter of South Carolina and strives to make her community and state work for and support ALL people.


When you hail from the greatest city in the world, it’s impossible to leave. So Renee decided to attend the College of Charleston where she majored in Psychology. After graduating, she spent time working in the private sector and then decided to return to school for her MBA, which she received in 2016. 


Renee has been involved with a variety of community service initiatives. Serving as Executive Director for the Lowcountry Livability PAC, she assisted in fundraising for a number of candidates at the municipal and county levels. Renee was a board member and secretary for Second Chance Bikes, whose goal is to ensure that everybody has access to affordable and reliable transportation. Additionally, she served as a board member for Art Forms & Theatre Concepts. Art Forms & Theatre Concepts’ mission is to provide professional theater for the community by respected playwrights that depicts the African American experience. 


In addition to serving on these boards, she has assisted in fundraising for many noteworthy causes. She was instrumental in the launch of Heroes Need Masks, a non-profit created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Heroes Need Masks’ aim was to ensure frontline healthcare workers had access to the personal protective equipment they desperately needed in the fight against COVID-19. For Renee, this meant reaching out to businesses closed as a result of the pandemic to secure PPE, doing media interviews, and recruiting legislators to use their social media platforms to help amplify the need.


In June, 2022 Renee joined the Dr. Annie Andrews for Congress campaign as the Finance Director. She was instrumental in the campaign exceeding fundraising goals, raising over 2.2 million dollars for the cycle. Despite the election night loss, it was clear the work for children had only just begun. Wasting no time, Renee and Annie got to work. As a result, Their Future. Our Vote. was born. 


Renee is married to her college sweetheart and love of her life, Matt Graves, an Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellow at the Medical University of South Carolina. Matt and Renee met at freshman orientation at College of Charleston, and they’ve been inseparable best friends ever since. They share in their passion for dog rescue and have welcomed seven dogs (and counting) into their home. Matt, Renee, and their loyal canine companions reside in Charleston, SC. 


When Renee takes a break from being a community advocate, you can find her on the Peloton, doing Pilates, running, boating with her husband and beloved canines, traveling, rescuing dogs, cheering on the College of Charleston Cougars basketball team, and enjoying all the fine dining the Holy City has to offer.

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