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We recognize gun violence is a significant public health issue, and sensible gun legislation is critical to creating a safe and more peaceful future for our children. THEIR FUTURE advocates for policies that promote gun safety and reduce gun violence, including background checks, secure storage laws, red flag laws, limits on high-capacity magazines, bans on assault weapons, and more.

THEIR FUTURE advocates for:

  • Background Checks: THEIR FUTURE believes that background checks are a powerful tool to improve the safety of our children and our communities. We advocate for policies that use federal databases and information from local law enforcement to complete background checks on all gun sales, including those at gun shows and private transfers. 

  • Red Flag Laws: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the connection between mental health crises and gun violence. We advocate for legislation that prevents individuals at risk from harming themselves or others from purchasing or owning a firearm. In addition, we advocate for laws that allow for the temporary removal of firearms already owned by the at-risk individual, after due process.

  • Secure Storage: THEIR FUTURE knows that secure storage can play a large role in protecting our children from gun violence. We support legislation that requires anticipatory guidance to parents and other community members on safe gun storage and establishes federal standards for safe gun storage, with associated criminal or civil liability for failure to securely store firearms. 

  • Funding for Research: THEIR FUTURE acknowledges the importance of federal funding for research to broaden our understanding of the root causes of gun violence, effective interventions to reduce firearm-related morbidity and mortality, and how to best protect our children. We advocate for policies that increase federal funding for gun violence prevention research including topics of mental health, safer firearm technologies, and the effective implementation of community violence prevention programs. 

  • Hospital and Community Intervention Programs: THEIR FUTURE believes in the importance of implementing evidence-based models that provide wrap-around services to victims of gun violence and individuals at risk for gun violence.  We advocate for federal funding for hospital and community violence intervention programs that address root causes of violence like poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, addiction and mental health crises. 

  • Assault Weapon and Large Capacity Magazines: THEIR FUTURE believes weapons of war have no place in our communities. We advocate for policies that ban assault weapons as a measure to protect our children from mass murder events. In addition, we advocate for limits on high-capacity magazines.

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