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Hand with heart

We recognize that child hunger and poverty have long-lasting impacts on our children’s physical, mental, and emotional health. We believe investing in programs and policies that address the root causes of child hunger and poverty will create a better future. THEIR FUTURE advocates for policies that promote economic opportunity, reduce income inequality, and expand access to nutritious foods and affordable housing.

THEIR FUTURE advocates for:

  • Economic Security Programs: THEIR FUTURE believes in the importance of economic security to the health and well-being of our children and our communities. We advocate for programs that help families achieve economic security through programs that provide economic opportunities. We support policies that expand current income assistance programs, provide parents access to affordable childcare so that they may find steady employment, create opportunities for education and personal economic growth, and more. 

  • Nutrition: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the importance of having access to proper nutrition for the current health and future success of our children. We support programs that address food insecurity through a variety of methods including expanding school and summer nutrition programs, expanding supplemental nutrition programs, and aligning nutrition programs with federal dietary guidelines. 

  • Income Inequality: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the detrimental effects income inequality has on the health and safety of our children and our communities. We support policies that reduce income inequality through a variety of means including supplemental income programs, education and career advancement, increasing wages to meet the cost of living, and more. 

  • Homelessness: THEIR FUTURE believe in the detrimental effects being unhoused has on our children and their families. We also recognize that it is easier to prevent a family from losing their home than it is to rehome them. We support policies that create affordable housing, support families who are struggling financially to stay in their homes, and policies that help unhoused families find affordable housing. 

  • Measurement: THEIR FUTURE believes that in order to address an issue, you must first understand what that issue is. We advocate for the creation of an official poverty measure that accurately considers inflation and family expenses. In addition, we support the creation of a national poverty target.

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