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First aid kit

We recognize that access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare is essential for ensuring the health and well-being of our children. THEIR FUTURE is committed to advocating for policies that prioritize access to healthcare, reduce health disparities, and promote equity, affordability, and quality care. This includes increasing funding for mental health care, expanding health coverage, and reducing healthcare costs.

THEIR FUTURE advocates for:

  • Accessibility: We acknowledge the logistical barriers that prevent many families from accessing current healthcare programs. We advocate for reducing structural barriers to care access, such as addressing healthcare deserts by incentivizing providers to practice in rural communities and supporting the adoption of telehealth programs. We also aim to simplify the process of enrolling children in healthcare programs, including establishing systems for automatic enrollment and simplifying eligibility requirements.

  • Healthcare Professionals: We recognize the importance of having more healthcare professionals trained in pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties. We advocate for policies that encourage healthcare professionals to become trained in all types of pediatric specialties, including those related to mental health.

  • Mental Health: THEIR FUTURE believes in the importance of mental health to the holistic welfare of our children. We support policies that take a public health approach to mental health concerns. This includes policies that support health coverage for evidence-based mental health services and consider the individual needs of our children and communities.

  • Health Coverage: THEIR FUTURE believes that our children should have access to adequate health coverage to meet their needs. Far too many children are currently uninsured or underinsured. We support policies that provide health coverage to all children that need it. 

  • Determinants of Health: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the connection between the circumstances in our communities and the physical well-being of our children. We advocate for a holistic understanding of health and support policies that aim to improve social and political determinants of health. This includes programs that encourage the collaboration between health systems and other community systems impacting children such as child care centers, schools, housing departments, parks and recreation programs, and more.

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