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We recognize that climate change poses a significant threat to our planet and its inhabitants. We believe climate action is critical to ensuring a healthy, safe, and prosperous planet for our children. THEIR FUTURE advocates for policies that prioritize renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, promote sustainable business practices, and mitigate the harmful health effects of climate change.

THEIR FUTURE advocates for:

  • Environmental Justice: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the harmful effects environmental issues have on the social health of our communities and the lives of our children. We support policies that address environmental issues in a comprehensive and equitable manner in order to improve the health and wellbeing of every child. 

  • Environmental Toxins: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the harmful effects that environmental toxins have on the current and future health of children. We support policies that remove toxins such as lead, neurotoxic pesticides, and mercury from the environments in which our children live, learn, and play. In addition, we support implementing updates to federal regulations controlling toxic substances. 

  • Environmental Pollution: THEIR FUTURE believes that our children should have access to uncontaminated natural resources, both for their health and their safety. We advocate for policies that reduce pollution in our waterways, in the atmosphere, and more. 

  • Technology: THEIR FUTURE believes that technological development will play a large role in the future of climate change mitigation. We support policies that prioritize the development and implementation of renewable energy sources, carbon sequestration technologies, and other yet to be imagined technologies. 

  • Carbon Emissions: THEIR FUTURE believes that our children deserve to inherit a stable environment. We acknowledge the unique role that carbon emissions play in climate change and support policies that reduce carbon emissions on a national and international level. 

  • Sustainable Development: THEIR FUTURE recognizes the important role that sustainable development will have in ensuring the health of both the environment and our communities. We support policies that encourage sustainable development through measures such as the conversion to renewable energy sources, novel pollution management systems, innovative construction techniques, and more. 

  • Climate Change: THEIR FUTURE believes that our children have a right to live in a world free from environmental threat. We support the Paris Climate Accord and advocate for policies that aim to limit global temperatures from rising above 2℃ through market, technological, and legislative measures.

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